I have a new book! It’s called ABC NYC and I guess you can imagine what is it about? 😉

This project was born while I was still living in NYC and finishing my previous book “It’s Always Wonderful At Central Park”.

I remember sometimes, just because I was tired or bored of continuing working on IAWACP, I would start drawing places I’ve been that I had enjoyed visiting. And that whimsical exploration turned, with time, into another book project!

Anyway. In the meantime, we moved to the West Coast, the pandemic started and our lives -like everyone else’s- changed.

One of those big changes in my life is that now I homeschool my kids, I’m on my 3rd year already and still love it! But having now very limited time, this project just took so much more to develop.

Anyway, now it’s part of this world and I’m very happy to share the news with you.

Get your copy here.

As you may noticed, these book has a different kind of illustrations. I wanted to explore a different approach, without using defined lines and playing more with color composition.

This project was possible with the help of other amazing humans like Victor, who helped me putting it all together with his fabulous design skills.

We celebrated our first reading of the published book with the kids reading it during a Tea Time Poetry session; our weekly gathering around the coffee table surrounded by decaf tea, treats and poetry books for kids.

If you get a chance to read my book, do let know your thoughts. I really hope you enjoy it ❤️

Take care,