Life Update! ?


I enjoyed New York City practically every day of these 14 months here. 
Now, we’ve received an invitation to change our lives once again and after we did what we do every time we are confronted with a situation like this (lots of thinking, spreadsheets, lists of pros and cons and of course, a bit of listening to our hearts) we decided to accept this new change and…

As a family, we leave New York very happy with our time here: we made new friends, found great doctors when we needed, we did many activities in the city, visited lots of inspiring places and ate too many delicious meals (more details in my NYC Instagram highlights stories).

In my particular case, I leave NYC with an *almost* ready Children’s Picture Book! ?

This city inspired me to create a rhyming story that came to my mind while trapped underneath my baby napping during one of many complicated nap times.

Once the dust settles after this move, I need to re-do one paragraph and send it again to my editor (hence the blank area on this pic) and after his review then… it will be ready for publishing? Yes, please! ? 

In the meantime, here’s a little sneak peek of one if its pages and YES, it has some Modern Calligraphy in it! ? I hope to finish it soon! 

And to my Cali friends: CAN’T WAIT TO SEE YOU! ❤️ ? Pic of me at the Oak Bridge in Central Park with an illustration of the Oak Bridge ? for my upcoming Children’s Book.
Thanks @tanrenzu for the pic! It was so windy and cold last weekend ?